Cutting/Serving Boards and Trays

These aren't your traditional boards and trays which are usually hidden away in cabinets or drawers. They are handcrafted works of art fashioned from highly figured birdseye and curly maple. Our customers display them on counters, servers and sideboards or hang them on their walls. The majority of our boards are constructed from a single piece of wood rather than from narrow glued-up strips. These boards may be "pegged" with accents of cherry, walnut, cardinalwood, yellowheart, purpleheart, bubinga or padauk, such as in our "paws" design which is inlaid with up to 40 walnut or cherry pegs. Les has also created a design which incorporates 3 sections of birdseye or curly maple separated by 2 strips of a contrasting wood, usually cardinalwood. Because each side of a single board often has a different appearance, we recommend that you reserve your favorite side for display and serving and use the other side for cutting.

We were thrilled to have had a sampling of our cutting boards and rolling pins featured in the "Great Gift Ideas" section of the 2009 Special Collector's Issue of "Paula Deen's Holiday Favorites".

BPS1 Paws Board Boule Board board3

Tapered Rolling Pins

Grandma's rolling pin with a whole new look. Why shouldn't your everyday rolling pin be beautiful as well as functional? These rolling pins are great for rolling out perfect circles. The dough is pushed out from the middle without stretching, tearing or overworking either of you. The pin swivels easily which allows you to roll out the edges for a thin crust...wonderful for pastries, cookies, biscuits, even pizza and, in a pinch....self defense! We make them from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods, using strips of contrasting woods or doweled in pegs to produce the unique designs which are the hallmark of Sleeping Bear Woodworks products.

We were very excited to have had an assortment of our rolling pins showcased in "Better Homes And Gardens Christmas Cookies, 2008 Issue". In 2009 a sampling of our cutting boards and rolling pins was selected for the "Great Gift Ideas" section of the Special Collector's Issue of "Paula Deen's Holiday Baking".

rolling pins
board and pins-maple and palisander coordinating board and pins

Bird House Ornaments

These whimsical miniature dwellings range in size from approximately 5 to 11 inches in height. The bodies are crafted from native hardwoods such as white, black, and yellow birch and ash. The roofs are turned from various wood species including pine, cedar and cherry.

Faerie Cottages

Catskill Mountain Nut Bowls

No mass production here! I carry each log section from the woods to prevent damage to the bark. The logs are air dried for about one year and then are cut into "bowl blanks", rough turned and set aside to dry for another six months. At this point, I remount them on the lathe and turn them to their final dimensions. These bowls are chunky and rustic in appearance. They are great for nuts, fruit, dried flowers, and potpourri. Fill with pinecones or holiday ornaments. Not for use with wet foods.

Ten Inch Ash Nut Bowl Ten-inch Ash Nut Bowl
Medium Birch Bowl Medium Birch Nut Bowl, 5-1/2 inch diameter.

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